This week, I have some great things to report. This course thus far has done a great job of correcting my web page building bad habits and filled in many gaps that I had in my prior knowledge designing and putting together web sites.

Some of the things that definitely excited me as of late were one, Fireworks. I figured that with Photoshop, fireworks would be useless. I always saw fireworks as the “wannabe photoshop” and quite frankly that isn’t true. Whether or not all the capabilities of fireworks are available in photoshop I cannot say, but fireworks definitely uses some tools that are vital to web design and does them much easier and more practical than photoshop.

One of those features is the Scaling feature. I really like how you can use the 9 tool, scaling tool to assure that you never miss-scale your objects. You can see to it that it bends and stretches in designated places instead of working with a stretched, morphed image, and instead of having to redraw it completely.

Next I was very glad to learn about the web color settings. It doesn’t seem like much, but after making web pages, and seeing how great I thought the colors blended on my screen – then moving to another computer only to find that my carefully crafted dark blue just looks pitch black on other screens is a real let down at times. Now that I know the proper export settings, I won’t have too much to worry about in that department any longer. As long as I remember to convert to sRGB format.

I also learned that the GIF isn’t so useless after all! Quite the contrary, actually. Previously, I’d used JPG’s and PNG’s exclusively. I figured the GIF was the gimped version of the two. Now, I understand how to actually work with the GIF’s to produce the best possible outcome and make great, vibrant-looking GIF’s to spice up your webpage.

A neat feature about the GIF that I learned about was about the Dither, and how it tries to simulate colors that aren’t actually there.

Lastly, the great big of information that I stored up in my noggin, was how to create image maps in Dream Weaver. Images maps are such a great tool to use on the web to spice up image links while keeping the image in tact and making them clickable with different points on it leading to different places. It also saves me from having to make a flash banner instead, to achieve the desired effect.


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