We are to now be thinking of ideas for our final project. Based off of the outlines, here is what my future plans are.


My first choice for the business, is my own personal portfolio. The splash page has already been done and can be found at http://www.thewonderbros.com — Wether or not I choose this option for my project, I will make a portfolio site for myself.

My second choice is my neighborhood’s home owners association. Like my portfolio, this website will be made regardless of my choice for the final project. So basically, they are both going to see completion one way or another!


Both are relatively self explanatory, but for the assignment, my portfolio belongs to me, and I am a part of my neighborhood, which would mean that I am in part connected with our neighborhoods home owners association.

Media / Content

Portfolio – I would supply my own information, photos, and videos to show off my services and capabilities.

Home Owner’s Association – I will be receiving images and information from our Home Owners Association President

I am actually very excited to do this because I can directly apply what I have been learning to things that I want to see through fruition and use in the future!


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