Week 5

This week. I am becoming more and more a fan of fireworks. I have changed the way that I look at this program more and more each day. I love the fact that it’s so easy to make very neat, interesting and necessary (in the eyes of a graphic designer) designs so easily!

It may be for the simple fact that Masking, and Wrapping text to path’s has always been a bit of a cloudy spot for me and after doing the exercise involving both of those, I see just how easy it is and it will make my work flow so much smoother. By simply making a path, and a string of text, you can select both items -> text -> connect to path and wa-la! You now have a jazzy new banner for your webpage. It’s that simply.

Not to mention the masking tool. I LOVE to take advantage of this tool but I always got confused as to how it worked. When I could make it work correctly, it was great! But often times I found myself masking the wrong layers which simply didn’t provide the results that I wanted. Now by copying the text, or image, that I want to masking, cutting it, and then selecting ‘past as mask’ I’ve got a brand spankin new mask to freshen up my design!

Another thing that I am absolutely amazed with is how easy the video lecture made making a tiling background seem! I’ve never been able to get it quite right if the corners of the image conflicted, so my images often were extremely simply and usually don’t come out being exactly what I wanted. However, now, all I have to do is use the offset tool and I have my nice new background that I hope the viewers just cant stop starring at! (Not in a distracting sort of way of course)

Also. A quick nod to the CSS side of things. I am glad we’re now jumping into CSS. My knowledge of CSS had been someone established but it was rough. In the video’s, I have learned about id’s and classes. Prior to the lesson, I always used classes for everything. I have no come to realize that that is not very good practice. ID’s are used once, and ONLY once. Whereas CLASSES can be applied multiple times to multiple items.

That will take a little bit of getting used to 😉


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